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Company Brief
Ideal Seed Only!
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Nanjing Ideal Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001. After more than ten years of development, the company has become a vegetable seed integrity enterprise integrating scientific research, production, processing, marketing and technical services. The company belongs to Jiangsu Province vegetable seed industry association member, vice president unit. There are 9 registered trademarks and have been awarded the titles of "Jiangsu Honesty Enterprise" and "Nanjing Famous Brand Product".

The company has Nanjing ideal honest scientific research base, Nankin ideal leaf vegetable research center, Nankin ideal county good thick warehouse processing center and other branches.

Nanjing ideal junhua scientific research base is the company is engaged in scientific research, original species production, new varieties test demonstration professional base, built in 2013, has a high standard greenhouse shed, dripping irrigation, ditches, roads and laboratories complete, is Nanjing agricultural commission key research demonstration project.

Nanjing ideal leaf vegetable research center is the research and development organization of the company, with Nankin agricultural University, Jiangsu province agricultural Academy, Nanjing vegetable research institute and other scientific research institutes have established a good relationship of cooperation. Ye cuisine research center has a high standard laboratory, advanced artificial climate room, through the exclusive new technology of ploidy breeding, molecular breeding technology, specialized in vegetable seed research and development, breeding and cultivation of more than 200 new varieties, providing strong support for the company's products.

Ideal seed industry and county warehouse processing center is the company's commercial variety storage, processing, packaging, transportation center, built a high standard workshop, seed storage, finished product storage, processing storage, science and technology building and so on, a total building area of nearly 6,200 square meters, 2000 square meters tanning ground, complete automatic packaging equipment 5 sets, UV spray code equipment 2 sets, processing a selection of equipment, and cold storage facilities. In the domestic peer advanced position.

In the ideal, we pay attention to quality, through the introduction of ploidy breeding technology, the development of a large number of polyploid cabbage and other vegetable varieties, and successively put into production, greatly improved the quality of vegetables, meeting market demand. In the ideal, we firmly believe that, as long as we work together, hand in hand, our ideal will be realized!

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